Engine & Transmission Replacement in Lovettsville

The two biggest items under the hood. We’ve replaced or repaired thousands.

Engine Repairs

At Ridgeway’s we work on car and truck engines of all sizes and makes. We specialize in Jasper Motor replacements and repairs. Jasper Motors offer a 3 year or 100,000 mile warranty.

  • We fix combustion chambers, ignition systems, compression systems, fuel systems, carburetors, pumps, valves, pistons, and nozzels.
  • When too many parts have failed to make repairs cost effective, we recommend a brand new Jasper replacement engine.



Transmission Repair

Car not shifting? It’s probably the transmission. Properly fluid and frequent maintenance can add years to transmission life, but when that fails Ridgeway’s Auto Repair is here to help vehicle owners in Lovettsville and the surrounding Loudoun County areas.

  • New transmissions are recommended but can be costly. A repair can be more economical, but due to the high number of moving parts in the long run it is usually a better idea to replace the entire transmission.
  • If feasible, we can replace torque converters, planetary cranks, flex plates, output shafts, turbines, stators, impellers, and lock-up clutches.