Smile-Winning Tire Service

The last thing you want to see on your otherwise perfectly working car is tire problems. Ridgeways has been providingtire solutions since we first opened the garage generations ago.

We Have The Best Tire Techs Around

Attempting to repair tires without the proper tools can lead to frustration, and in some cases further damage to the tire or even the wheel its attached to. Our expert technicians can handle the job and providemost amazing customer service while putting a smile on your face.

  • Affordable tire maintenance and repair
  • Quick and competitive service.

Tire Patch

  • Full repair from the inside out

Tire Plug

  • Quick repair inside the treads


$??004 tires
  • Swap all 4 tires around and prolong their lifespan


Amazing Tires @ Amazing Prices

  • We Replace New & Used Tires
  • Tires for all seasons
  • Limited Availability
  • We fix tires
  • Sell & Install Tire Snow Chains
  • Stuck with a bad tire? We tow!

Tire Service Availability: Monday through Friday

We’re open everyweekday during the time people are most likely to have tire issues!


Other Tire Services

Need to mount a new tire on your fancy custom rims? Stop on by and can get them mounted and balanced.

  • Quick
  • Experienced