PCM – Powertrain Control Module

Ridgeways Auto Repair in Lovettsville, Virginia PCM replacement.

A PCM? What’s that?

Typically buried under other engine components, the PCM is a small box that acts as the brains of the vehicle. It is essentially a small computer that controls the engine, transmission, emission, communication, and several other systems essential to the function of the vehicle. Diagnosing a bad PCM can be tricky, but we have experts up or the task.

What Causes the PCM to Fail?

  • Voltage overloads (usually due to a short in a solenoid or the actuator circuit). If the shorted solenoid or actuator isn’t found and repaired, the voltage overload it creates may damage the replacement PCM, too.
  • Another cause could be an environmental factor (corrosion, thermal stress or vibration).


Effective PCM Replacment: Call Us Before Anyone Else

Ridgeway’s Auto technicians are PCM experts. The industry reports that over 50% of all PCM’s are misdiagnosed for failure, not something you’ll run into with Ridgeways. Come find out why many call us the best in the business.